Friday, September 12, 2008

A Little Something about the Meaning of Life

Here is an interesting idea to chew upon: God created the world but he could not understand his own creation. You know, kind of like when you struggle to solve a puzzle and then all of a sudden it is solved and you do not know what was that you did to solve it.

So, after creating the world and not understanding how it works, God decided to create us, so that we live in this world and learn about it from the inside, and God can discover it through our eyes and our experiences.

This is similar to what is called "evolutionary algorithms" in programming - algorithms that are created to find a best solution among all possible alternatives. It is also a viable possibility that our world was created to find a solution to some very complex problem, but, as I said before, it is possible that we were injected into it to act as God's agents and discover for him the principles that his creation is built upon.

Whatever that divine plan is, it's not really that important. The best thing you can do in given circumstances is enjoy the ride and live your life while you can. Every experience counts!


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