Thursday, January 22, 2009

Form is Emptiness

Buddha once said that "form is emptiness". As an illustration, let's write down some simple equations.


1-1 = 0

(3*2-6)/(4.15/(0.3+8.85)) = 0

...I could go on and on and with infinite amount of time produce an equation of infinite complexity, which would still be equal to 0, nothing, emptiness.

And if the whole is nothing, can any part of it become something?

The Universe very nicely balances itself out into nothingness. The hints are openly available, like one of the Newton's laws (the force of action is always equal to the force of reaction - to balance the equation).

An interesting question is why it did not stop at the first, perfect 0, where there was only emptiness and no form?

Buddha also said that "emptiness is form". There is really no such thing as emptiness, so what am I talking about?


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