Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Of Structured and Unstructured

There are all kinds of structures present all the time. Each structure considers itself good and other structures bad or evil, simply because they are different from it. "Different" and "bad" are in a way synonymous - the only distinction is whether "other" structures are tolerated or not.

It is a natural tendency of all lasting structures to retain their form. All structures that cannot retain their form disappear soon after forming. This is just a natural law of evolution which is nothing but a game of big numbers. By "form" I mean not just a physical shape, but anything that can be thought of in terms of being different from something else. For example, 1 is a form that is different from 2.

And then there is chaos, which is a true source of everything. Chaos is that invisible force of life that animates. Without it the world would become just a frozen collection of empty forms, structures that never changes. Chaos is the blessing of our univerce, it is the only thing that makes it alive, moving and interesting. Naturally, structures hate chaos because it is the same very force that will eventually kill them against their tendency to retain their form at all costs.

What's interesting is that, being the source of life, at the same time chaos is something that by itself does not exist. It is an absence of existence. It is nothing that will make everything around you (including your own form) become nothing as well. But that is exactly what gives a chance for new things to appear and take their place, thus propelling the life forward.

Hindus call this chaos thing "Shiva", the destroyer and creator of the Universe. What many people don't understand though, is that Shiva is working non-stop, destroying and creating our world as you read this post.
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